Raise The Roof For Food!

Starting this blog has been long overdue for me. For a long time not I’ve been needing a place to keep track of what I eat and cook, of what worked out and what was a kitchen disaster, and a place where I can share my excitement about new discoveries.

What I want this blog to be:
1. It’s a place for me to rave and rant, to plan, to give and get advice and ideas – an informal cooking/food blog for recipes in development, for new ingredients tried, and for any and all kind of experimentation. Stuff that went awesome, and stuff that blew up in my face.
2. This blog will also be my daily food tracker. I like to look back and see what I ate and cooked, and I’ll have a tag for just this specific purpose. Unless you have take creepy, voyeuristic joy in knowing what I eat every day, this one is probably mostly for me. But since I typically track using pictures, it might also be fun. Right? Right!

So, a few things about me. I’m 29 years old, and I’ve been cooking for myself and others since I was 23. I’ve been a pescetarian (no meat, just fish and seafood) for a few years, but I recently started eating a small amount of meat again. I’m doing this mostly because it’s what works for me. Seafood is what I love, and my meatless time got me cooking a lot with tofu, tempeh and other soy products, seaweed, chickpea flour and other flours I hadn’t tried before, seitan (which I make myself), quinoa, millet and other interesting grains, nutritional yeast, and a lot of other delicious stuff I never new existed. Most of these aren’t meat substitutes, but for some reason a lot of vegetarian cookbooks have all the interesting stuff that standard meat-eaters don’t know about. Which is also why I love vegan cookbooks, even though I’m nowhere near vegan (I’m not judging, though). A lot of the meals I make end up being “accidentally vegan”, especially on Thursdays, which is my weekly fruit/veggie only day (you’ll read about this on Thursdays). I’ve grown my own sprouts before, and I’m planning to start this up again (today!) – the plan is to always have sprouts on hand. I especially love lentil sprouts and eat them as a snack.

And this shall be my abrupt ending to my first introductory blog post. Tomorrow: delicious recipes, pictures of my sprouting setup, and potentially a giant pressure cooker full of beans! Whooo!

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4 Responses to Raise The Roof For Food!

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to read more entries. Also, this is officially your first reminder to make me seitan bags!

    I’ve decided to start experimenting with TVP. Jason and I do Hamburger Helper a lot a it’d be cool if I could buy all the dry ingredients in bulk, mix them myself and do it that way.

    And I really do love the title. 😀

    • Seitan bags will be on their way soon, and I’ll blog about it, too! Also, in my head I pronounce “seitan” as “satan”, which in turn makes “seitan bags” sound like something the mom from Carrie would say to refer to breasts. Like, you know, Dirty Pillows. Hehe.

      Seitan bags might have to be known as Dirty Pillows from now on.

      • Jenny says:

        Hahahahah! Excellent! And I pronounce it “Say-tahn” out loud because I don’t want to go around saying, “I love Say-ten!”

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